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RAY GIRARD your service.

My personal goal is to leave a trail of 'good work' behind me . 

The balance of money to time has altered at my age, and I do not want to trivialize any step along the way to creating the product you seek .

I see the possibilities in any voiceover as being infinite, and believe that there should be no impedance to exploring them .

drop me an email to discuss any aspect of our possible collaboration:

[email protected]
 elevenwheeldrive . com

​  Success,
        without Integrity
                          is Failure.

Ray Girard ~ Voice Artist ~ Narration       Vancouver       604 :: 613 :: 5964 
Between the moving word...and the silence, we transcribe the meaning..
Natural bass to believable, nuanced mid-range. A rainbow blend of power and assertiveness,
to a warm hug of casual reality.
Willing to break new ground to offer something different, but always happy to deliver that strong read.   

Please use good headphones, good monitors or earbuds to accurately hear what's there.

A link to my NFL 'Thursday Nite Football' 30" TV spot: